5 Awesome Back-to-School Apps

Both students and parents can often feel the stress of heading back to school. Smartphones can make a helpful resource for students trying to get back into an educational mindset. Social media specialist Gretchen Hirt handpicked these helpful apps that can make everything from planning to studying a little less stressful this school year.


Evernote (Free, but offers in-app upgrades, Android and iOs) helps the organizationally-challenged student. It’s also great for parents trying to help get their kids organized. The app makes taking notes easier by synchronizing typed notes, photos and voice memos from your phone to the Web. Users can access everything later from the Evernote application or website. There is also a recording device that can be very helpful during class lectures. This app is a great tool to keep class notes on hand at all times. Photo courtesy: itunes.apple.com

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Using gFlashPro (iOs, $3.99) is great for people who love making flash cards. Whether you’re a student or a parent helping kids studying for a test, this flash-card app eliminates the need for index cards. It allows you to use Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel to create “decks of cards” that can also include sound clips or YouTube videos. gFlashPro also links to a flash-card directory, enabling you to share and download decks with your friends or the community. There is also a free version of the app available for download for Android, Amazon and iOs (search “gFlash+”), but be warned about intrusive ads. Photo courtesy: itunes.apple.com

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myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner (Free, but also offers in-app upgrade, Android and iOs) makes it simple to organize and keep track of class schedules, upcoming assignments and to-do lists. The app syncs with a desktop counterpart, keeping your phone and computer up-to-date on what’s due. Ditch the paper planner for this app that can also link to course syllabi and use automatic color-coding to help you prioritize. Photo courtesy: itunes.apple.com

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Docs To Go

Docs to Go (Free, Android and iOs) makes your smartphone a convenient storage place. The app has the ability to sync and view Microsoft Office files, PDFs or other files on your phone. Store class syllabi or class notes on your phone without paper. You can also create and format Microsoft Word documents as well. Photo courtesy: itunes.apple.com

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Photomath (free, Android and iOs) could be the answer for parents trying to help their kids with those tricky math problems. It’s also a great tool that helps students better understand formulas. Photomath reads and solves math problems by using your smartphone’s camera to show a step-by-step solution. Photo courtesy: itunes.apple.com

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Are there other great apps out there? If you would like to let Nola Weekend know about any other apps, feel free to drop us a line.
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