New Orleans Saints Fan Checklist

As the New Orleans Saints kick off another season, it's definitely time to think about how we approach our game days. Scroll through our check list to make sure you don't miss a thing.

1. Get educated

Who’s still on the team? Who are the next big contributors? The New Orleans Saints do a good job of keeping fans informed, but for anyone wanting to get an even better knowledge of the team, the local sports reporters are a great resource too.

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2. Update your gear

It’s time to dust off your old digs … or better yet, find some new ones. If you want your stuff as official as can be, the NFL Shop offers 10 percent off for first orders. The Saints Team Store also offers 10 percent off for signing up for their email list, while the Black and Gold Sports Shop (2106 Veterans Memorial Blvd) has regular sales too.

3. Prepare your menu(s)

If the game is at home, you’ve got tailgating options, from hamburgers and beer brats to slightly bigger endeavors like charbroiled oysters. If the boys are on the road (or you can’t go), a menu for your living room makes more sense. Sure, grilling is still an option, but you might also consider classic local staples like homemade roast beef po-boys, Pimm’s Cups, and olive salad for your sandwiches.

4. Trick out your phone

Do you have every Saints app you need? As the boy scouts say, it’s always best to be prepared.  The Final Play app is here and keeps you up-to-date on the Saints while you’re on the move.  From news and feature analysis from the experts like Jim Henderson, to the latest roster moves and injury reports, it’s all right here.

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5. Find a spot to watch

Can’t watch at home or in the ‘Dome?  Literally every bar in town will probably be showing the game (and almost every restaurant too).  Some local New Orleans sports bars who specialize in this sort of thing include Cooter Brown’s, Finn McCool’s, Tracey’s, Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar, and of course Manning’s.  Or you can always go to Champion’s Square for all the madness that entails.

6. Plan to celebrate like a pro

Do you have your post-victory plans set? Here are our suggestions for best fried chicken, best po-boys, best sno-balls, and best rooftop bars in town. (Bourbon Street is always an option too.)

Want more Saints stuff to do? Check out our recommendations for this week's game. Who Dat?