The Essentials for Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate the holiday in style.

It's not your average Friday this weekend, it's Cinco De Mayo! As you start to get ready for the event, remember these fiesta essentials so you have the best Cinco De Mayo yet.

Chips and Salsa

No matter where you are, the chips and salsa will hopefully be flowing almost as much as the margaritas will be. Stay ahead of the game if you’re hosting your own get together with this easy recipe.


Did we mention margaritas? There is nothing more essential than this delicious and tangy drink. Take your margarita to the next level with this bad boy.


You scream, I scream, we all scream for tacos. They are one of the most perfect party foods and whether it’s traditional or the unusual, they are all tasty and a necessity for Cinco De Mayo.

Other Mexican Delicacies

Even though tacos are quite perfect, many Mexican restaurants will have their full menus on display for Cinco De Mayo. It may not be a bad idea to layer your stomach with something heartier like this before grabbing that third margarita.


Let’s face it, if you’re anything like us, somehow tequila will wind up in your hand. Whether it’s in a margarita glass or a much, much smaller glass, it’s pretty much an essential. But did you know it’s actually good for you? Drink away!


Salsa is definitely a must for the chips, but along with queso, guacamole creates the holy trinity of Cinco De Mayo dips. Whether traditional or with a twist, you can’t beat the delicious appetizer.

Stay Festive

Ok, we’ve talked about tequila a lot. But have no fear, if you want to stay festive without the tequila, there are other options. Take the michelada for example. A delicious drink that opts for beer instead; and who doesn’t love that?