Sno-ball Season: 6 sno-ball stands worth the wait in line

Sno-ball season is finally here!

Ahhh ... sno-balls, the classic cooling confection that makes the New Orleans heat a little bit more bearable. Make sure you get in line at these awesome sno-ball stands before the season ends.

Sno-la Snoball Lounge

This local gem kicks a traditional sno-ball up to gourmet status. Smooth, velvety ice sets the stage for creative flavor combos like “Praline Paradise” and “Tiffany’s Blue Box.” Their signature cheesecake stuffed sno-ball makes them a local standout. Many of their sno-balls come topped with condensed milk, whipped cream or even fruit. Plus, this spot is open year-round, unlike many local stands that close out after the summer. Sno-La two locations one in Metairie and one Uptown.

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Hop off the streetcar to this popular Mid-City walk-up stand. Many locals gravitate toward this spot for the super soft ice. A clue to their greatness lies in the long lines you’ll find flowing outside their window. However, wait it out because the servers there pour with a heavy hand. Try your sno-ball topped with condensed milk, a favorite add-on that can kick your treat up a notch. However, here’s a quick word of caution: You may want to call ahead. Rainy weather usually shuts their doors.

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Hansen's Sno-Bliz

Out-the-door lines greet those who wish to partake in this local legend. However, the amazing cooling effect of these sno-balls makes the wait worthwhile. Many of the flavorful syrups at this classic stand still use the homemade, secret recipes of founding matriarch Mary Hansen. Founding father, Ernest Hansen, is credited with making one of the first motorized electric ice shaving machines in the world. The fluffy ice creations even earned the spot a James Beard Award in 2014.

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Plum Street Snowballs

Getting a sno-ball at this Uptown stand near the Riverbend has grown into a treasured New Orleans experience. The snow-like ice blown into their iconic Chinese-style pails or Plum Street souvenir cups makes them a local favorite. Find them at French Quarter Fest and Satchmo Fest cranking out “spirited” sno-balls – the alcohol-laced version of the classic. They also spread their love across parish lines with a second location at Lafreniere Park in Metairie.

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“SnoWizards”create magic at their Magazine Street stand. Claiming the status as the “Original New Orleans Snoball,” this business is the force behind many shaved-ice machines and concentrated syrups used throughout the Gulf Coast. Expect quick service and big portions at this walk-up stand. Plus, you can park your car right in their front lot, which is a huge commodity in the area. Also, they have an array of dreamy flavors like “Orchid Vanilla Creme,” a florescent purple, rich and creamy flowery vanilla.

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Sal's Sno-Ball Stand

Grab a summertime treat at this popular Old Metairie fixture. Open until 11 p.m., this spot is your best bet if you’re having a late sno-ball craving. You can get a snack-sized sno-ball for as low as $1. The stand also doesn’t charge extra for their cream flavors. Hop on their new flavor, “S’morstead,” a new S’mores flavor coined after beloved Saints punter Thomas Morstead. In addition to sno-balls, this place boasts excellent malts and other frozen desserts.

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