Parade-goers will want to grab these glittery Nyx purses

You have to catch one of these glittery Nyx purses!

Many parade-goers can’t wait to get their hands on a signature, hand-decorated Nyx purse. However, creating one Carnival’s most coveted throws takes tons of glitter and a year-round labor of love.

Nyx krewe members Del Hamilton and Marion Sanders participate in what they call “Glitter Sundays” to keep up with the demand it takes to decorate their Nyx purses. Their creative technique has even gotten their purses a spot in the “Iris and the Goddesses of Carnival” exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum in the Presbytere. Sanders’ “Bella of the Ball” purse sits in its own display case in the exhibit.

“Bella of the Ball,” Photo courtesy: Krewe of Nyx

Nyx purses will be even more of a hot commodity because this year krewe members can only throw 20 purses per rider. In the past, members were allowed 30 signature purse throws.

Hamilton is also the brain behind creating the Nyx Purse Tracker, a Facebook page where purse catchers can post pictures and stay connected.

“We’ve actually had people post pictures from as far away as New Zealand that have been here catching purses,” Hamilton said. “So it’s not just New Orleans; people all over the world are catching our purses and posting pictures,” Hamilton said.

The krewe members shared their tips and tricks with us while putting finishing touches on their purses in time for the parade.

The Mystic Krewe of Nyx rolls on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 6:45 p.m. along the traditional Uptown parade route.

According to Arthur Hardy’s Mardi Gras Guide, Nyx’s riding members — more than 3,000 — tops the historian’s list of New Orleans Mardi Gras ridership. This year’s Nyx parade will include a total of 150 units, including 44 floats and 16 bands.

In addition to the krewe’s signature hand-decorated purses, the Krewe of Nyx will be throwing uniquely-shaped doubloons that reflect this year’s theme along with its signature purse-shaped doubloons, according to a release.

The theme of the parade is traditionally a secret, so parade revelers will have to wait until the parade.

The krewe encourages those who catch Nyx purses to post a photo to the Nyx Purse Tracker on Facebook at

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