What Makes the Perfect Slice?

The folks at Pizza Delicious have some ideas.

The perfect slice.  For some pizza enthusiasts, this is an Indiana Jones-like quest of supreme importance.

But what really defines the perfect slice of pizza?

We asked the experts at Pizza Delicious in the Bywater for their thoughts on the subject.  There really is a lot that goes into it when you break it down.

“It’s got to be a strong 18 inches,” said Michael Friedman, co-owner. “[It should] have a nice crust that is chewy but also has some crunch to it.  And also a big quality in a New York slice is you’ve got to be able to fold it.”

“We want to make a nice fresh sauce that’s pretty assertive that people can tell is not out of a jar or can or something … For us, we try to make a pizza that’s not super crazy greasy and has really a nice balance of the sauce, the cheese, and a great crust that it’s sitting on.”

Furthermore, Friedman went into the theory that a slice of cheese pizza can be an indicator of a pizza place’s overall quality.  Check out the video to hear his thoughts on if a cheese slice is important, and why.

Can the perfect slice actually be found in New Orleans?  Judge for yourself.

Pizza Delicious offers New York-style pizzas in the heart of New Orleans. Visitors also have the option of ordering sides such as garlic knots, pepperoni rolls or cauliflower rolls, several rotating house-made pasta dishes (e.g. Linguine and Clams, Bucatini Carbonara, Mushroom Bolognese), salads (Caesar, House, and a daily special) and even dessert in the form of cookies.

Pizza Delicious, 617 Piety Street, opens Tuesday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Visit pizzadelicious.com for more info.


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