North America’s Largest Edible Fruit Tree Grows Right Here, in the South, and We Bet You’ve Never Heard of It

This native "super fruit" is one of the largest edible fruits found in the country!

Our friends at Palmetto Weekend stumbled upon a tree bearing a fruit you may not have ever encountered … The pawpaw fruit.

Farmer Ed Land at Chattooga Belle Farm in South Carolina told us all about this fruit that the Native Americans once called “the fruit of the gods.”

Nutritionists say the pawpaw contains 20 times the magnesium and 70 times the iron content of apples, bananas, and oranges.

The pawpaw is said to contain more vitamin C than oranges and provides an excellent source of amino acids.

And because the fruit is native to parts of the South, the pawpaw tree is fairly resistant to harmful pests.

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