10 must-see house floats before ‘Yardi Gras’ ends

Cruising the neighborhood takes on a whole new meaning as hundreds of homeowners turn their homes into Carnival works of art.

Even without parades, house floats are lifting spirits all across the greater New Orleans area.

From Mardi Gras dinosaurs on St. Charles Avenue to a tribute to the “Queen of Creole Cuisine” in Bayou St. John, house float hunters can visit their favorite homes for a socially-distant tour around New Orleans.

Source: NOLA Weekend photo

While it’s impossible to highlight all the creative homes, we’re featuring a few standouts to help you go house float hunting. Some of these displays have even gained national media attention.

You can even play a few house float games while you stroll or drive-by and make it a fun adventure.

What are some of your favorite house floats? Show us your Carnival spirit, and submit your photos here.

“Dino Gras on the Avenue” house float (also known as “Jurassic Park”) – 5809 St. Charles Avenue

One of the must-see house floats displays a yard full of Mardi Gras dinosaurs that looks like a scene from “Jurassic Park.”

Frances Fayard, the homeowner of the Uptown mansion, known as the “Wedding Cake House,” said she “thought that dinosaurs would really be fun for children.”  The wild design by Kern Studios features life-sized prehistoric reptiles dressed in top hats and massive beads.

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Source: NOLA Weekend photo

“Animal House” circus house float – 5531 St. Charles Avenue

This show-stopping house float on St. Charles Avenue features a collection of life-sized circus animals in a display rivaling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. The extravagant Yardi-Gras display even comes with its own circus train float parked outside on weekends.

Big cats, an elephant, a gorilla and giraffes bring life to the circus theme. The design by Kern Studios also features oversized popcorn, peanuts and ticket stubs, with a whimsical touch of red and yellow balloons.

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Source: Jennifer Heebe

“Queen of Bounce House” – 4321 Laurel Street

New Orleans rapper and cultural icon Big Freedia serves as the first-ever Krewe of House Floats Grand Marshal. One adoring fan pays tribute to the “Queen of Bounce” with a house float on Laurel Street.

Stronghold Studios contributed to the design featuring a fierce cutout of the “Queen Diva” surrounded by fun and flashy decorations. The house float’s feel-good energy is bringing out the twerkers and even scored a visit from Big Freedia.

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Source: NOLA Weekend photo

“Leah Chase” house float – 2918 Bell Street

One Bayou St. John house float honors legendary chef Leah Chase with a soul-stirring design created by Stronghold Studios.

The eye-catching design shows the “Queen of Creole Cuisine” cooking a big pot of gumbo as she did in her kitchen at Dooky Chase. As an added special effect, a smoke machine simulates steam swirling from the pot.

This Leah Chase house float is one display on the 2900 block of Bell Street celebrating important women in New Orleans history, in a theme called “Belles of the Bayou.”

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Source: Mark Douce

“End of the World” house float – 6574 Memphis Street

The Mardi Gras Kracken has taken over one Lakeview house float titled “End of the World.”

Passersby can’t miss the massive tentacles “crawling” out of the second-floor balcony, along with a skeleton second-line with purple, green and gold umbrellas.

Michelle Soliman and P. David Soliman also lit up their home with the Carnival color trifecta, which makes for great viewing at night.

Source: Michelle Soliman

“Forever Festin’” Jazz Fest house float – 3027 Fortin Street

One home in the Fair Grounds neighborhood, known as the “Flamingo House,” showcases everything that makes the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival one of the city’s most popular events.

Valerie Landry’s design colorfully captures all the sights you would see at the Fair Grounds, and you don’t even have to arrive at the gates early to claim your spot.

The Jazz Fest-themed house float features depictions of the popular Crawfish Monica and Mango Freeze food booths, Gentilly and Acura Stages and its own set of “cubes.”

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Source: Valerie Landry

“The Night Tripper” house float – 1834 Toledano Street

“The Night Tripper” was the first house float launching the Krewe of Red Beans’ “Hire a Mardi Gras Artist” program.

In this design, a huge papier-mâché skull adorns the front of this shotgun house, along with snakes, irises and cypress trees.

This house float is one of two dozen designs around the city in the crowdfunded campaign providing an economic lifeline for out-of-work artists.

Source: Krewe of Red Beans

“Maison MASKquerade” – 6000 St Charles Avenue

The mansion known as the “Skeleton House” during Halloween transforms into the “Maison MASKquerade” for Carnival.

Homeowner Louellen Berger said she was inspired by “Masquerade” from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Phantom of the Opera” and our daily mask-wearing reality.

Jolly jesters make up most of the design, but you’ll also spot “Bernie” sitting on a bench next to oversized Mardi Gras beads. Could he be waiting for Mardi Gras 2022, too?

Berger also released a YouTube parody video for people who prefer a more virtual experience.

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Source: NOLA Weekend photo

“Combel’s Custom Cruisers Yardi Gras” – 2512 Cypress Lawn Drive in Marrero

Forget a house float! This Marrero couple turned their whole yard into a scene from a Mardi Gras parade.

John and Rhonda Combel steps up to put the Westbank on the map with their detailed theme. The design captures everything you would see on the parade route down to the barricades with parade-watchers and a port-a-potty.

This Facebook video gives you a cool drive-thru preview to see the whole yard.

Source: Rhonda Danos Combel via Facebook

“Schitt’s Streets” house float – 5975 Canal Boulevard

If you need a laugh to cure the coronavirus blues, make a stop at this “Schitt’s Streets” house float in Lakeview.

Tiffany Tandecki conceived the concept of the house float that plays on the popular “Schitt$ Creek” television series. Artists Lindsay DeBlieux created this comedic Carnival display featuring characters from the show and other fun tidbits.

Source: Tiffany Tandecki via Facebook


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