Would you stay a night inside this haunted old jail in New Orleans?

Before innkeepers Liz and Raul Canache resurrected the Inn at the Old Jail, it was built as a New Orleans police jail and patrol station in 1902.

But is this historic Treme building also haunted?

New Orleans psychic medium Cari Roy said she senses lingering spirits and energy.

Photo courtesy: The Inn at the Old Jail

“The older a building is, the more apt it is to have paranormal activity,” Roy said.

The Inn at the Old Jail is a two-story, Queen Anne-style building and one of five neighborhood police jails built in New Orleans during Mayor Paul Capdeville’s term from 1900 to 1904. The building also is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Roy says she can still feel the presence of people who worked during the building’s time as a jail.

“This was a hubbub of activity in the neighborhood and a lot of the energy and the presences of the people who worked here still linger,” Roy said.

As both a psychic and a medium, Roy walks through the building to get impressions of entities while using equipment common for paranormal investigations.

“I can communicate with the energy and the entities that are here,” Roy said. “And then, what we do is that we verify that the things that I am picking up are accurate historically.”

In a room on the first floor called “The Cage,” Roy said she sensed one spirit who was possibly a neighborhood drunk and a regular in the drunk tank until he sobered up. Roy describes the presence as a dandy, well-dressed, tall man.

Inside the room, with high ceilings and original exposed brick, the bathroom was the actual “cage” back in the day. The Cage dates to the 1940s, when misbehaving neighborhood teens were “held” in this space until their parents picked them up, according to the website.

You can also see the name “Charlie” carved into the shower wall.

“In this building, you can feel cold spots, which are often indicative of there being a paranormal presence,” Roy said.

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Another spirit is described as “benevolent” maybe “a captain who is still lingering and watching over everything,” Roy said.

Innkeeper Raul Canache said some guests have also expressed feeling watched. Canache said one guest reported walking up in the middle of the night feeling she saw something in her room.

“The next morning, she told me she had woke up with a man watching over her, literally watching over her,” Canache said. “She wasn’t scared because the person, or the entity that she saw on top of her, looking down on her was a benevolent type of person.”

Canache said this experience took place in the Robinson room, which is located on the first floor. The innkeeper said he has also felt a sense of being watched and changed in temperature while working nights.

“You feel like you’re being watched, but at the same time, you feel like you’re being cared for,” Canache said.

“I feel that pretty much the whole place, you can feel that sense of protection,” Roy said.

For more information about the Inn at the Old Jail, visit the website.

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