2020 Festival of the Bonfires canceled due to pandemic

Lutcher, La. (WVUE) – The Festival of the Bonfires has been canceled for the 2020 year.

The Board of Directors of the festival of bonfires and parish officials decided to cancel the festival due to COVID-19 restrictions.

It’s a tradition in the river parishes to light bonfires on the levee to help guide Papa Noel to Louisiana. (Source: WAFB)

Leaders say the festival isn’t possible because current restrictions do not allow outdoor gatherings of more than 500 people. Current restrictions also include not allowing alcohol sales past 11 p.m., a crowd manager must be present for every 50 attendees, no outdoor gathers are permitted with more than 600 people, live music with no dancing and fixed seatings are all restrictions in phase 3. For these reasons, they decided to pause this year’s festival until next year.



They released the following statement:

“We appreciated everyone who volunteers to help make each and every Festival of the Bonfires a wonderful family tradition experience. The Board and Committee of the Festival of the Bonfires along with parish officials are wholly committed to keeping our St. James Parish tradition of Christmas Eve Lighting of the bonfires our #1 priority. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at next year’s festival.”

Parish officials say while the Festival of Bonfires is canceled, the Christmas Eve tradition of lighting the bonfires will still happen.

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