Skeleton House, Ghost Manor among must-see spooky homes this Halloween

New Orleans homeowners love to get decked out for the season, and Halloween is no exception. Some houses are stealing the show with onlookers this year.

After Hurricane Ida, many thought the fate of Ghost Manor was doomed.

“We took some damage from Ida, and we thought we were going to have to cancel it,” homeowner David Gentry said. “In fact, we did cancel it at first.”

In a surprising plot twist, this high-tech display of ghosts and ghouls returns after taking a year off.

‘Ghost Manor’ will haunt Magazine Street again this Halloween season. Source: NOLA Weekend photo

“The ghosts were very insistent,” Gentry said. “They haven’t performed in nearly two years, and you really don’t want to argue with ghosts.”

Gentry is the brains behind this Magazine Street madhouse. He’s one of several homeowners getting hyped for Halloween.

“We feel it’s really important, this year, to do it more than any other year, given the challenges that everybody has been through,” Gentry said.

For the next two weekends, fans can see his chorus of singing and dancing skeletons put on a show.

“We try to like focus on the magic and whimsy of Halloween,” Gentry said. “It’s not scary in the traditional sense.”

The beloved New Orleans Skeleton House returns this Halloween season. NOLA Weekend photo

And another popular display, this yard of funny bones stealing the show on St. Charles Avenue. The beloved “Skeleton House” is back at it again.

Homeowner Louellen Berger has one display featuring chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci holding a vaccine syringe.

“For Dr. Fauci, you’re always a little nervous about treading into political arenas,” Berger said. “And I thought, some people are going to like it or they’re going to hate it.”

Berger also pokes fun at trending news topics.

“When the state decided to do the mask mandate, I thought that’s great,” Berger said. “I’m going to put a mask on every one of the skeletons.”

There’s an ode to famous New Orleans musicians and artists. Even Ted Lasso gets a killer shout-out.

“I had to Google him to see who he was, and now that I see that he won seven Emmys,” Berger said.

The Lakeview “Kracken House” returns as a must-see Halloween display. Source: NOLA Weekend photo

And this famous Lakeview home gets a Halloween makeover, but it might make some folks do a double-take.

“We kind of felt like we needed to bring the tentacles back,” homeowner Michelle Soliman said. “We were kind of dubbed the Kracken House during Mardi Gras.”

Soliman says she was dying to decorate and lift spirits this season.

“It’s just fun. It’s supposed to bring joy to people, make people happy,” Soliman said. “I like seeing smiles on everybody’s faces.”

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