‘Queen of Bounce’ house float honoring Big Freedia returns for Yardi Gras

NEW ORLEANS (NOLA WEEKEND) - New Orleans rapper and cultural icon Big Freedia takes center stage again as the star of a house float.

Homeowner Sarena Teng brings back her “Queen of Bounce House” with a new twist this year. Last year, the popular house float’s feel-good energy attracted visitors who wanted to stop by and dance and even scored a visit from Big Freedia.

“She is such a beloved local figure; we’ll always be the House Float dedicated to celebrating the Queen Diva!” Teng said.

For 2022, the house float re-emerges as “Queen of Bounce House: Big Freedia Saves the World!” This year, Teng made some updates to the flashy decor that tie-in with this year’s Krewe of House Float theme, “Vaccinate, Decorate, Celebrate.”

New lime green paper lanterns with red glitter pompoms hang from the porch “Space Invaders-style” to represent the virus, with a fierce cut-out of Big Freedia seen holding a four-foot-long posterboard vaccine syringe.

Fairy lights help simulate a laser beam shooting from the tip of the syringe. As an added touch, firework lights hang to look like exploding viruses that had been shot down by Big Freedia’s vaccine.

Cut-outs of Mardi Gras revelers are holding hand-painted signs that say “Big Freedia Saves the World!” while cheering her on. Meanwhile, the Twerking Grannies are still at it in the garden.

“She looks great during the day, but the [Queen of Bounce House] really shines at night when you can see the lights in action!” Teng said.

For 2022, New Orleans’ newest Mardi Gras tradition returns, and several homes are popping up decorated in the style of parade floats as part of the Krewe of House Floats. The Queen of Bounce house float is part of the Audubon/Riverside group of house floats.

Teng said she’s “thrilled” for the return of house floats.

“Anyone who is from New Orleans knows how important our culture is to us and how hard it is to create a new tradition, especially on this scale,” Teng said. “I think the fact that the House Floats are coming back strong is a sign of how much happiness and joy it brought to the city during some of our toughest times of the pandemic.”

Some people who visit the Big Freedia house float might get lucky to get an eco-friendly throw on the ride by.

Teng said she has wooden Queen of Bounce House magnets and custom-colored biodegradable glitter mini kits for visitors this year.

The Queen of Bounce house is located on Laurel Street near Napoleon Avenue. Visit the Queen of Bounce House on Instagram for updates about the house float.

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Shan Bailey

Shan Bailey

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