Move over Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell’s Chili Cheese Burrito has quietly returned...but it’s rare in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Taco Bell is ruthless.

They have a reputation for having some of the most delicious yet cost-friendly fast food items that we’ve come to recognize as iconic first, second, third, and even FOURTH meal options. With their late hours, the Bell has given us our favorites often in great times of need.

But the Bell also doesn’t care about your feelings either. Without warning at all, it is common knowledge that your favorite Taco Bell items can be removed with no explanation whatsoever. Some items may return down the line but others are never to be heard from ever again.

The Bell’s most recent victim was the Mexican Pizza, a flagship item since it was first introduced in 1988 and ascended into the American lexicon throughout the 1990s. After a two-year absence, the Mexican Pizza has returned, and it’s conjuring up nostalgic feelings because those 90s-era Taco Bell items just hit different.

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Naturally, the return of the Mexican Pizza got the internet talking about past favorites they’d like to see return such as the Taco Bellgrande, Meximelts, and Enchiritos.

But there is one “ghost item” that stands above the rest and this pre-internet menu item seems to have somewhat of a zombie-like resurrection partly because of its fringe cult following online. And now that an old 90s-era receipt has gone viral online, people are demanding for this item to return from the dead like Jon Snow.

Of course, we’re talking about the Chili Cheese Burrito, also affectionately known as the “CC-Bur”. At $.99, it was cost-friendly and tucked between a lightly warmed flour tortilla and filled with a generous helping of creamy beef chili and cheddar cheese that blended into a cacophony of flavors that, unfortunately, Gen Z has yet to know.

It was the people’s burrito and it was known to bail you out of a tough spot. Why did such a beloved item die and will it ever return to us like Donte moving through Inferno?

The answer to that question is... yes. Sort of.

That CC-Bur cult we mentioned earlier? They kept the dream alive by launching countless campaigns to have the item back. They caught Taco Bell’s attention, and recently, the fast-food giant has quietly put the item back on its menus. However, the chili cheese burrito isn’t available everywhere and is only offered at three locations in Louisiana. Sadly, there are no locations in the Greater New Orleans area that offer it. The closest location where you can get a CC-Bur is in Carencro and it costs $2.59 instead of a retroactive $.99.

Inflation...or whatever, right?

But there’s hope.

The chili cheese cult began tracking locations that will serve you the burrito and they compiled a master list of everywhere in their knowledge you can go to get one.

While it appears it’s not available for most of the Southeast, their list includes three Louisiana locations in total and it appears it’s widely available in Texas.

According to the list compiled by the chili cheese heads, there are 582 locations nationwide where the CC-Bur can be yours. With that in mind, there is hope that the people’s burrito can become a mainstay everywhere at all times once again.

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Jesse Brooks

Jesse Brooks

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