3 Ways to Protect Your Home with Your Phone (Sponsored)

This weekend, hundreds of vendors gather at the New Orleans Home and Garden Show with some of the latest technology to help upgrade your home. One vendor, Alpha Protection, a local security and home monitoring company, will be present to help educate consumers about the latest advancements in home security. Look for them at the expo at booth 806.

Burl Mahl, owner of Alpha Protection, says homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to embrace new security technology like remote home monitoring. Now, these safe and reliable systems offer control and monitoring from the palm of your hand. Mahl tells us the top three features of remote home monitoring which allow homeowners to protect their homes right from their phone.

Interactive Video Monitoring

See what’s happening at your home no matter where you are. Who’s playing in the backyard? Who’s at the door? Who left the package while you were gone? Interactive video monitoring allows you to feel secure while you’re at work or play.

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Home Automation

While you’re vacationing in the islands or away at a festival, you can automate features in your home. Change the temperature in your house. Turn lights on or off. Check for gas leaks, and ensure you home is properly secured. All of these applications can be done from your smartphone!

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Photo courtesy: Alpha Protection

Intrusion Alerts

Certain systems offer real-time alerts via text or email so you know what’s happening in your home the moment it happens. Alpha Protection’s Intrusion Detection System even allows you to make security decisions on the fly. Photo courtesy: Alpha Protection

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Created in partnership with Alpha Protection