5 Ways to Dress Up Your Hot Dog

Hot dogs are arguably the unofficial food of every summer holiday. And if you're like us, you'll take them any way you can get them. So we're giving you some great ideas for ways to really show your culinary independence with these great (and unusual) hot dog toppings.

Pimento Cheese and Bacon

Who doesn’t love cheese on a hot dog? One of our favorite ways to get creative (but not go TOO far) is to add crumbled bacon to pimento cheese. The saltiness of the bacon with the creamy mild sweetness of the cheese is a perfect combo to jazz up any hot dog!
PRO TIP: For an extra zing, throw on some banana peppers! Their sweet heat is the perfect flavor addition.

Mac N' Cheese

One of the go to meals we had as kids was Mac N’ Cheese with sliced hot dogs. So how about making an adult version! Whip up a batch of creamy Mac N’ Cheese, then bake it with some bread crumbs on top. Scoop it out onto your favorite frankfurter and you’ve got a grown-up version of the childhood classic.
PRO TIP: Spice up your macaroni with diced jalapenos, tomatoes, and a couple tablespoons of salsa!

The Texan

If you’re going to be barbecuing this summer, why not take the chance to mix our two favorite summer staples into one delicious bite?! Toss some pulled pork and coleslaw on top of your dog with some tangy barbecue sauce, and you’ve got a match made in heaven!
PRO TIP: Bread and butter pickles make a delicious addition. Just slip a few between the dog and bun to make sure they stay snug and in place with every bite!

Collard Dog

Collard greens are a Southern classic, so why not add them to your hot dog? Cook up a mess of greens with plenty of pork and bacon for flavor. Throw them on a dog with a little Sriracha for zing and some mayo for creaminess. Trust us… You’ll never think twice again about this combination!
PRO TIP: Extra bacon never hurt anyone! Just crumble a little on top and you’re good to go!

Fuhgeddaboudit Dog

Let your inner Italian out with this old-world flavor. Roast some red pepper slices on your grill while your dog cooks. Pop them all in the bun and top your dog with shredded mozzarella, pine nuts, and a heaping helping of pesto sauce. So good the name says it all… they’ll never “fuhgeddaboudit”!
PRO TIP: Toss some chopped mozzarella balls with olive oil, Italian seasonings, salt, and pepper and use instead of the shredded stuff. It’ll send your taste buds back to Sicily!