6 Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party

Check out this tasty spin on pimento cheese.

While some Saints fans might still feel salty about the loss to Minnesota crushing any Super Bowl dreams, the big game is still happening. If you plan on tuning into the game instead of heading to the parade route, let us help you with some party dishes. Check out the list for some great ideas.

Photo courtesy: Willie Mae's Scotch House

Fried Chicken

It’s not a party without fried chicken wings. We went straight to the experts at Willie Mae’s Scotch House for some tips. If you don’t have time to fry, here’s a list of great places to buy.

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Grill Master Wings

Is there a better Super Bowl snack than chicken wings? This video walks you through doing them on the grill.

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Bacon & Hot Sauce Deviled Eggs

There are several approaches to deviled eggs, but one that involves bacon and hot sauce sounds great to us!

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Kickin' Sausage Cheese Dip

Sausage and cheese … Do we need to know anything else? Nope, no we don’t.

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Spice up your menu with this wild twist on chili.  We went straight to the source on this one. Ben Hammond at Cochon Restaurant and Cochon Butcher offers his take on chili.

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Pimento Cheese

When it’s done right, pimento cheese is completely divine. Here’s how to do it right.

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Bacon-Wrapped Duck Poppers

This comes from food personality Jay Ducote and is a definite winner: Bacon-wrapped duck poppers.

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