6 Recipes to Up Your Holiday Turkey Game

We've all got our holiday dinner favorite, but one bird usually rises above all the rest... the noble Turkey! Here are a few recipes to take your turkey to a whole new level!

Chile-Rubbed Turkey with Beet Stuffing and Gravy

Turkey may not be your first thought when thinking of a dish with Spanish flair. But with spicy peppers and a rich sauce, this Latin-inspired bird will definitely impress.

Couple this with a different twist on stuffing will add an incredible depth of spice and flavor, giving your family something filling and delicious!
Recipe by: Todd Coleman at Saveur.com

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Deep Fried Sriracha Turkey and Sriracha Gravy

Crisp. Juicy. And Spicy. Three of our favorite words all rolled into one! Deep-frying a turkey is an incredible way to lock in flavor and deliver a moist, tasty bird.

WARNING!!! Deep-frying turkey can be dangerous. Make sure you follow all the instructions and are very careful! Click here for some tips and suggestions on how and how NOT to deep fry a turkey!

Recipe by: Tori Avey at ToriAvey.com

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Soy Sauce and Honey-Glazed Turkey

We love the flavors of Asian food, and the sweetness of honey blends perfectly with the salty umami flavor of soy sauce in a glaze that seals the turkey in a crisp, flavorful skin with a moist and tender inside.

Recipe by: Joanne Chang at foodandwine.com
Picture by: Con Poulos

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Southwestern Rubbed Turkey

Smoked paprika isn’t something a lot of home cooks keep in the kitchen, but it’s a must-have when it comes to creating this spicy, smoky turkey.

BONUS!!! This turkey is low carb, heart healthy, gluten-free, and diabetic appropriate! Who says eating healthy can’t be fun and full of flavor!

Recipe by: Eating Well Test Kitchen

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Rosemary and Maple-Glazed Turkey Breast

Bland, flavorless turkey need not apply! This sweet, sticky, herbal bird will do the job this holiday season.

Don’t skimp on the glaze! Make extra for all that flavor no matter what size the bird.

Recipe by: Erin Chase at 5dollardinners.com

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Turkey with Orange-Thyme Butter and Bacon-Fennel Stuffing

Not only is this turkey packed with flavors, but it also looks like something from another world! Slices of oranges beneath the skin add extra moisture without letting the skin get soggy.

Couple it with crispy bacon and robust fennel stuffing for a Thanksgiving duo that’s sure to be your families next favorite!

Recipe by: Curtis Stone

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