7 crazy candy cane flavors to gift or gag this holiday season

A bizarre food trend has quickly spread to candy canes this holiday season. The festive candy is popping up in all kinds of interesting or stomach-churning flavors, depending on your preference.

Let’s be honest. You are probably going to get more than your fill on peppermint this holiday season. So, why not try something new? If you’re willing to test the waters.

Here’s a round up of seven crazy candy cane flavors that may or may not get you in the holiday spirit. These interesting candy cane flavors can be purchased on Amazon or Wal-Mart’s website.

Bacon: Talk about a meat stick! Buy this candy cane here. 

Pickle: Pucker up! Who doesn’t like a little sour and sweet? Buy this candy cane here. 

Sriracha: Spice up your life with this candy cane! Buy it here. 

Gravy: Maybe don’t pair this with your turkey…try it here if you are brave enough!

Cinnamon Roll: This one doesn’t sound too weird…right? Buy it here. 

Mac and Cheese: This apparently tastes just like powdered cheese. Buy this candy cane here. 

Wasabi: If only there was a soy sauce candy cane to go with this one! Buy it here. 

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