7 Ways to Eat Oysters that Aren’t Raw

Many people are turned off by raw oysters. Fortunately, there are several ways to consume them cooked instead. Here are seven tasty choices for the folks who don't dig on raw.


This dish is synonymous with Drago’s, who calls them by a different name than most other establishments. Whatever you want to call them, these flame-grilled, soaked in butter and parmesan cheese delights keep people coming back for more.


Yeah, they may not be 100% healthy, but a properly fried oyster will melt in your mouth and deliver a delicious flavor. Be careful when ordering fried seafood platters … these guys can steal the show.

(Photo courtesy: Antoine's Restaurant)

Oysters Rockefeller

The original New Orleans recipe comes from Antoine’s, but several versions exist today. The common ingredients are chopped greens  and butter. Though most restaurants use spinach today, the original steadfastly holds that the proper recipe does without. (Photo courtesy: Antoine’s Restaurant)

(Photo courtesy: Royal House Oyster Bar)

Oysters Royale

Made popular at the Royal House on Royal Street, Oysters Royale (that’s a lot of royalty) is a baked oyster dish topped with seafood stuffing. (Photo courtesy: Royal House)

(Photo credit: Arnaud's Restaurant)

Oysters en brochette

Skewered oysters with partially cooked bacon fried in butter … it’s okay if your mouth is watering. Once popular throughout New Orleans, this dish has now become mostly a Galatoire’s specialty. (Photo courtesy: Arnaud’s Restaurant)

(Photo Courtesy: Pascal's Manale Restaurant)

Oysters Bienville

Another baked oysters dish, but this one doesn’t mess around with the greens like Rockefeller does.  Ingredients include shrimp, mushrooms, sherry, bell peppers, butter, cheese, and bread crumbs. (Photo courtesy: Pascal’s Manale Restaurant)


Well, okay, this is basically the same as fried, but we couldn’t leave off a New Orleans staple like the po-boy. Get it fully dressed, maybe throw on some hot sauce, crack open a Barq’s, and thank us later.