Pizza AND a Hamburger? All Hail the ‘Pizzurger’

The “Pizzurger” came, and it conquered. This crazy cross between a pepperoni pizza and a cheeseburger was the love child born from a collaboration between local restaurants Company Burger and Pizza Delicious.

Photo courtesy: Pizza Delicious
Photo courtesy: Pizza Delicious

The tag team debuted its creation for one day only, with limited availability, on Monday, May 23 at Company Burger’s downtown location. Even though your chance to take a bite out of the “Pizzurger” has come and gone, we couldn’t ignore its existence. Now, we’re left wondering if more collaborations between the pizza place and burger joint could happen in the future (the response Monday was strong, so maybe!).

Social media blew up about the concoction, so if you didn’t get to grab the “Pizzurger” for yourself, below is your chance to live vicariously through those who did.

Now there’s really only one question left to ask.

Is a Pizzurger a sandwich?

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