Bayou Bingo: We challenge you to a quarantine bingo, Louisiana-style

Life has changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic forced city and state leaders to issue stay-at-home mandates.

Instead of excitement about going to festivals and enjoying the spring season in New Orleans, we’ve had to settle for small victories, like finding the latest great show to binge-watch on Netflix.

We know it’s tough being stuck at home. So just for fun, we’ve put together a quarantine bingo in response to our current situation. It’s our attempt to help you cope with stress with a little humor.

You may have seen similar quarantine bingo games pop up in your social media feeds. Ours adds a little Louisiana flair because, of course, we always do things differently here.

So here’s how it works: Use these bingo sheets to cross off the activities you’ve completed while sheltering in place.

If you read something you’ve done recently, just cross off the relevant square. As soon you get a line of five in a row, you’ve won BINGO!

You can play alone for a quick laugh, or you can play the game with someone virtually.

Sorry, we couldn’t book Matthew McConaughey, but maybe you can play with your family or friends via Skype or Zoom.

We hope this can offer you a moment of entertainment while you shelter in place. You might even be surprised about how many activities you’ve completed to pass the time.

Share this article with friends, family and neighbors! Stay strong, and stay at home!


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