Behind the Scenes: Watch the FOX 8 Weather Team Get Transformed Into Creepy Halloween Monsters

Make-up artists from the Mortuary Haunted Mansion transform some of your favorite FOX 8 talent.

When our FOX 8 weather team got asked to participate in a promo to support the Mortuary’s blood drive, they jumped at the opportunity to support a good cause. However, the process to get ready for their Halloween-themed costumes took them on a wild ride.

We followed our four meteorologists — Chief Meteorologist David Bernard, Bruce Katz, Nicondra Norwood and Shelby Latino.

NOLA Weekend went behind-the-scenes to capture the transformation while The Mortuary’s professional makeup artists turned them into creepy Halloween characters. Watch the weather team get really creepy, and hear what they had to say about their experience.


Check out the full FOX 8 promo featuring our weather team below:

For more information about the blood drive, click here.

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