Blue Bell’s Bride’s Cake ice cream back on Louisiana store shelves

The popular Blue Bell ice cream flavor, Bride’s Cake, hits supermarket store shelves this week, according to a company spokesperson.

Blue Bell says popular demand for the almond-flavored ice cream prompted them to bring Bride’s Cake back, but the item will only be available in Lousiana.

Public relations manager Jenny Van Dorf says Louisiana’s love for the flavor surpassed the company’s expectations.

“We were swamped with requests from our loyal fans through letters, grocery store partners and desperate pleas on social media to bring it back. We were able to get more ingredients and bring this flavor back to Louisiana,” Van Dorf said.

The company says drivers began stocking store shelves as early as Monday, Oct. 2. Van Dorf says Blue Bell’s goal is to have enough supply to last for the next few months.

“Louisiana’s appetite has proved us wrong before, and it could go fast,” she said.

In May, Blue Bell Ice Cream debuted the flavor for a limited run that sent south Lousiana into a frenzy for the item.

Bride’s Cake Ice Cream is almond-flavored ice cream, with white cake pieces and swirls of a rich amaretto cream cheese icing.

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