This Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Seafood Dish Remixes Classic New Orleans Cooking

This remix of a classic New Orleans dish takes corn maque choux up a level.

A remix of authentic Cajun flavors is the inspiration behind this new dish at Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon Restaurant and Bar. Bobby Hebert’s Blackened Grouper over a crawfish and shrimp maque choux puts a new spin on a classic New Orleans maque choux.

Bobby Hebert’s chef Mario Girard is the cook behind creating this interesting dish. We went behind-the-scenes in the kitchen to see how he makes the Cajun-influenced seafood dish.

The dish is a blackened grouper served over a corn maque choux with in-house, fire-roasted corn, shrimp and crawfish and rice. Then, it’s topped with a lemon butter sauce, green onions and a squeeze of lemon for a fresh citrus flavor.

This dish is a special, off-menu item created by the chef, so you have to specifically request it. It’s also only available at the restaurant for a limited time.

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Created in partnership with Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon Restaurant & Bar