Bring the Party: Extreme Sound from an Ice Chest Radio

This cool Ice Chest Radio brings the party.

What started as a high school hobby for local entrepreneur John Perrot, turned an off-the-rack ice chest into a fully-functioning cooler radio. Now, the cool concept has catapulted Perrot’s bustling business, the world’s largest ice chest radio manufacturer.

The cooler radios built by the family-owned company are assembled with certified marine audio, making them perfect for any wet environment. The radios are also built to withstand the rigors of tubing, beaches, ball tournaments, tailgating, Mardi Gras or any outdoor parties.

Perrot says his ice chest radios solve more than one problem with one solution. The product offers exceptional stereo sound by radio or external audio input via Bluetooth, USB or auxiliary input. They also offer users a place to charge cell phones and keep drinks cold. All ice chest radios can be customized to any preference.

Perrot explains the story behind creating this cool device and why his ice chest radio is a must-have item for any gathering.

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