How to Capture the Solar Eclipse on Camera

Filmmaker Bill Grant gives some of his top tips for capturing August's eclipse.

August’s solar eclipse will surely be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Filmmaker Bill Grant gives some of his top tips for capturing the event on camera.

1. Leave your cell phone in your pocket!

Without proper protection from the sun, you will risk damaging the sensor of your phone’s camera. We can almost guarantee, that even with proper protection, a cell phone camera is not going to produce an impressive image.

2. Break out the telephoto lens.

You will need a minimum 400mm equivalent lens to really begin to fill the frame with the sun.

3. Protect your gear!

Your camera’s lens is essentially capturing all of the light energy coming from the sun and focusing it onto a very small spot on your camera’s sensor. Without proper solar filters, you will risk burning that sensor and permanently damaging your camera.

4. Practice makes perfect.

If you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, the proper lens, and the proper filters to protect them, you have plenty of time to practice photographing or filming the sun before the big event.

5. Last but not least, protect your eyes!

Looking directly into the sun at any time, including during the totality, without proper eye protection can definitely permanently damage your vision.

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