Casa Leon, a new restaurant, is changing up the Northshore’s Latin American cuisine scene

When you’re feeling a little spicy, I’m sure you have a go-to Mexican restaurant to visit. Now, you might want to give Casa Leon in Covington a chance. This brand new restaurant is changing up the Northshore’s Latin American cuisine scene.

Courtesy of Casa Leon (Facebook)

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Martha Leon, founder and owner of Casa Leon, opened the restaurant on E. Boston Street the first week of July 2019. She’s lived on the Northshore since 2009, but misses the flavors of her home country, Colombia.

“I’m one hundred percent sure that every single Latin American in the US today dreams about having a a little taste of their country close to them,” wrote Leon in our email exchanges.

She remembered all of the different Colombian dishes that her grandmother and mother used to cook for her family. If you’ve never had a meal prepared by a South American grandmother, I’ll tell you that not much else compares. After sipping a spoonful of aijaco, a soup made by my Colombian boyfriend’s abuela, or grandma, I could tell how much pride she put into cooking it. I still think about her dinners a year after my visit to Bogota.

Leon explained she wants her new restaurant to feel a little like home or an abroad trip for her customers and, of course, herself.


What’s on the menu

At Casa Leon, customers will see a variety of flavors on the menu. You’ll see traditional Peruvian, Colombian and Argentinian dishes. Plus, there is a bit of Mexican on the menu and, coming soon, some Brazilian.

“Peruvian has a little similarity to Louisiana food when it comes to seafood. Our chefs are trained to make the most authentic Peruvian ceviche you can find in town. Colombian and Argentinian foods are a combination of different flavors similar to those from other countries, such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Cuba,” wrote Leon.

The diverse menu probably comes from the diverse cooking staff.

There are three chefs working together in Leon’s kitchen. The main chef is from New Orleans and is experienced in Latin American cuisine. The other two chefs are women from Argentina and Colombia. According to Leon, these women take their steaks and seasonings very seriously!

Carne Asada from the menu. Photo credit: Dylan Hines

Tired of the same food experiences, Leon said the staff loves to try new things. She said Casa Leon stands out from the area’s Latin American food crowd.

“We are the only Latin American restaurant on the Northshore that offers authentic Colombian and Argentinian foods and beverages,” added Leon.

And, if you’re looking for an excuse to try new Colombian cocktails, swing by on Colombian Independence Day. On Saturday, July 20, Casa Leon is hosting a party to celebrate Colombian culture with authentic dishes, drinks and a DJ.

Otherwise, stop by for lunch or dinner any other day. The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 9:00pm and Friday and Saturday from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm.