Celebrate World Giraffe Day at Audubon Zoo

Visit Audubon Zoo for fun activities and giraffe feeds on June 17 and 18.

Families will have a chance to get up close with the world’s longest-necked animal for a good cause. Audubon Zoo will celebrate World Giraffe Day on Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18, an event to raise awareness about the challenges giraffe face in the wild.

World Giraffe Day, officially on June 21, is a worldwide event created by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Audubon Zoo starts the celebration the weekend before with public feeds at the Giraffe Exhibit to raise funds for conservation efforts.

A feeding station will be set up near the Giraffe Exhibit overlook where guests can pay a nominal fee for carrots to offer to Audubon’s four male giraffes. A donation box also will be available and all proceeds will go to the Giraffe Conservation Alliance. The event also includes talks from Audubon animal care staff and educators.

“Giraffe are one of the species that are sort of silently going extinct,” Joel Hamilton, vice president and general curator at Audubon Nature Institute, said.

The Alliance for Sustainable Wildlife is another way Audubon Nature Institute directly helps with giraffe conservation efforts and other species with declining populations. This partnership with San Diego Zoo Global devises strategies to ensure sustainable populations of unique and endangered zoo animals.

World Giraffe Day activities are included in admission to Audubon Zoo, which is located at 6500 Magazine Street. For more information, visit Audubon Nature Institute’s website.

Created in partnership with Audubon Nature Institute