Which Christmas candy does Louisiana love the most?

The holiday season is known for everything sweet and delicious. In fact, the National Confectionary Association estimates that Americans will spend nearly $2 billion on candy during the holiday season, according to CandyStore.com.

According to the site, stocking stuffers in Louisiana like to load up on PEZ candies. The nostalgic candy is listed as the most popular holiday candy in the state. Skittles came in second, followed by Reese’s Mini Cups.

CandyStore.com has taken data from its site and customers to show every state’s favorite holiday candy similar to its Halloween survey. Data miners surveyed more than 50,000 customers and checked in with major candy manufacturers and distributors to determine the best-selling candy in each of the 50 states.

Hover over the interactive map to see what’s popular in other states:


Source: CandyStore.com

Christmas Candy Quick Facts According to CandyStore.com

  • 1.76 billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season.
  • Approximately 150 million chocolate Santas are produced annually.
  • The largest candy cane in the world was made in Switzerland. It was 51 feet long.
  • December 26 is National Candy Cane Day.
  • Canada spent $362 million in December 2014 on candy, confectionary & snack foods.
  • 59 percent of holiday sales are expected to be online.


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