Colorful wildflower fields bloom in New Orleans City Park

This stunning spot blooming at New Orleans City Park could be your next outdoor escape.

Colorful fields of wildflowers are now blooming at New Orleans City Park, and the stunning spot can provide respite and recreation during the challenging cornavirus crisis.

For the sixth year in a row, City Park’s horticulture department has planted two species of Cosmos, daisy-like wildflowers that sit atop long slender stems.

According to City Park grounds director Dan Preziosi, visitors will see bright pink and white flowers, Cosmos Bipinnatus ‘Sensation Mix’, and orange and yellow flowers, Cosmos Sulphureus ‘Bright Lights’.

Photo courtesy: New Orleans City Park

Luckily, the 600 pounds of wildflower seeds were planted just before stay-at-home orders were declared by city and state officials.

“We till and hand plant the seeds over dozens of acres of land between the two fields on Marconi, six smaller areas at Big Lake, and at Bayou Oaks,” Preziosi said. “The small areas at Big Lake have other flowers as well: Black-Eyed Susan ‘Gloriosa’, Liatris, Salvia Coccinea, Purple Coneflower, Indian Blanket, and Cleome or Spider plant.”

Now, the “grow don’t mow” areas yield patches of peacefulness and lots of space for nature’s bees. The low-ground areas are chosen for planting because rain-water collection makes them difficult to mow, according to Preziosi.

Visitors can the see the brilliant backdrop of wildflowers at the corner of Roosevelt Mall and Marconi Drive by the park’s administration building at 1 Palm Drive.

City Park officials also remind guests to follow CDC guidelines — including social distancing and mask usage — when visiting the park and wildflower fields. Visitors should also stay on the created paths and not pick the flowers, the park said.

Even with facilities shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 1,300-acre park has been buzzing with activity from passive recreation. Park-goers are encouraged to use the hashtag #iheartcitypark when posting any wildflower seed journeys to social media.

This year, City Park will also offer wildflower seeds for at-home planting in exchange for donations to New Orleans City Park or Friends of City Park.

Dependent on weather, the team typically plants three batches of wildflowers per year — in March, June and September.

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