Cotton candy grapes make their way back to store shelves

Cotton candy grapes, the popular candy-flavored fruit, seem to have landed in some stores. Some shoppers report spotting them in stores far earlier than last year.

Usually the specialty grapes start to appear during the summer. However, some stores, like one Trader Joe’s in South Florida, have already started to see early shipments come in, according to Delish.

If you’re wondering if they really taste like cotton candy – they do! They’re an all natural fruit that legitimately tastes like something straight out of a carnival. The grapes are made by cross-breeding different types of grapes, and people seem to love them.

Availability varies by location, but start keeping an eye out at your local grocery stores. Last year, stores like Costco, Whole Foods and Sam’s Club carried them.

Unfortunately, those in the New Orleans area will have to hold their taste buds a little longer. A spokesperson from Trader Joe’s in Metairie says they normally get them in stores around August.