Jazz Fest Food: Meet the man who invented crawfish bread

The 'Crawfish Bread Man' has been a Jazz Fest fixture for more than 30 years.

For more than 30 years, crawfish bread has been a fixture at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. In fact, Jazz Fest is one of the only places fans can score a cheezy slice.

John Ed Laborde,¬†the “Crawfish Bread Man,” is the man who created the popular dish festival-goers crave every year at the New Orleans Fair Grounds. Laborde reveals every part of the process is handmade and the final result is a delicious, crusty loaf that gets sliced and served to customers.

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The dish started from humble beginnings, in 1984, when Laborde developed the recipe in his hometown — Marksville, La. Laborde says when he first started, he was just fledgling, trying to make people taste crawfish bread. He was able to find success and open his catering business, Panaroma¬†Foods, which brings crawfish bread to bustling Jazz Fest crowds each year.

Now, Laborde says he sees people from all over the world coming to his booth for a taste of crawfish bread, and it makes him feel good.

In addition to the popular crawfish bread, festival-goers can also find sausage and jalapeno bread at his Panaroma Foods booth. Watch the video to find out more about how Laborde created crawfish bread.

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