Crescent City Classic celebrates 40th anniversary with new twist: A vintage 1970s-themed race

A new twist includes a vintage 1970s race theme this year.

Locals anticipating the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic can expect a new twist when the race celebrates its 40th anniversary on Saturday, March 31. Organizers debut a 1970s-inspired vintage theme for runners this year.

Event manager Kristen Stuart says the throwback race theme is a special addition to mark the race’s start in 1979. Organizers are going full force with the vintage theme by encouraging runners to dress in 70s-inspired costumes.

“We really encourage people to embrace the 70s theme this year; come in costume and dress like you’re a vintage runner,” Stuart said.

Organizers have even added a vintage vibe to the design of the official t-shirt and medallion. Boogie Wonder Band will bring live entertainment with a 70s flair to the Michelob Ultra RaceFest. Local artist Frenchy also created this year’s commemorative poster centered around the 40th anniversary.

Each year, the 10-kilometer race draws at least 25,000 runners and walkers to participate in the Easter weekend tradition. The event attracts everyone from international elite athletes to those who walk the entire route carrying cocktails or wearing bunny suits.

“The Crescent City Classic is not only for our competitive runners, but it’s also for anyone who just wants to have a good time and see the city in a totally different light with our course,” Stuart said.

Organizers have also set a huge goal to reach the $1 million mark through the “Run For It” charity program. Last year, the race hit the $750,000 mark making it the largest single grossing fundraising even in the Gulf South.

Charity director Hilary Landry says she hopes to exceed last year’s success with this year’s 40th anniversary race.

“This has been such a wonderful, snowball avalanche of community outreach and participation,” Landry said.

We caught up with Crescent City Classic organizers as they take a look back at the race’s history and impact over the years. Plus, organizers explain all that runners can expect with this year’s new twist.

Runners or walkers looking to participate in the race with a charity organization or as a regular participant can find all registration information at the website,



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