Cuddle With a Kitty: The City’s First Cat Club Opens Nov. 4

Some new feline residents will move into the Marigny neighborhood for a good cause. Animal lovers will get to hang out at the Crescent City Cat Club (CCCC), New Orleans’ first visitation and adoption facility, opening to the public on Nov. 4.

For a small $7 fee to support their nonprofit, guests can hang out with 10 to 15 cats at a time. The CCCC has a “Catio” in the rear courtyard where people and cats can meet outdoors. The kid-friendly and informative cat habitat also features a viewing area where guests can watch volunteers feed and nurture rescued baby kittens.

A $10 fee will get you a beverage and a snack or you are welcome to bring your own.  Free wi-fi is also available throughout the facility.

The unique cat club follows in the footsteps of other successful animal clubs whose goal is to take the pressure off the local shelters. The Crescent City Cat Club partners with the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter (JPAS) to assist in the adoption of pets of the feline kind.

The founder and president of CCCC, Eshyah Selig is a longtime volunteer with JPAS and other area animal welfare organizations. Selig was the Director of the Companion Animal Program at JPAS that utilized prisoners to train dogs from Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter making them more attractive to prospective adopters

Guests who find a connection with a particular cat are welcome to adopt them.  If you’re not able to adopt but just want to spend some quality time with the furry felines, you can do that too. If the person decides they are not able to care for the cat, the CCCC will gladly take the pet back to their facility.

Another service the club provides is a “Senior to Senior” program which pairs seniors with a volunteer to help with the weekly maintenance that comes with owning a cat.  Volunteers will help with duties such as maintaining the litter box, making sure cat food is available and bringing the cat to vet appointments.

The Crescent City Cat Club is located at 1021 Marigny St. The club opens Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information about the CCCC, visit their website.

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