Dishing desserts: Roulé Rolled Ice Cream plans expansion

In the past year, the rolled ice cream trend has spread swiftly across the New Orleans area. One of these dessert dealers, Roulé Rolled Ice Cream, shares plans to expand throughout Louisiana.

Owner Russell Ribando says he’s currently in the works of opening more locations, including a new store in Prairieville, La. set to open in November. Roulé Rolled Ice Cream already has two metro area locations that span both sides of the river in Marrero and Elmwood.

Ribando says he thinks the Instagram-worthy nature of rolled ice cream is one of the reasons why the trend has raced through the New Orleans area.

“I think it has taken off so quickly because rolled ice cream is insanely popular right now, especially through social media,” Ribando said. “It is a unique art, and the city appreciates new and exciting things.”

The family-owned ice cream shop also mirrors that visual experience inside the store. Customers can watch their dessert come to life right before their eyes on screens that show the entire ice cream-making process.

The menu features more than twenty varieties for ice cream lovers, plus vegan options. Customers can select from what seems like an endless variety of toppings with no extra charge. Plus, the shop allows you to “Roll Your Own” to create something completely off-menu.

Ribando first heard of rolled ice cream when he visited Thailand, which inspired him to try creating it at home. The Thai-inspired, hand-rolled treat uses a below-freezing plate to turn a liquid mixture into ice cream, and it freezes right before your eyes. He admits, though, it took numerous attempts to perfect the technique that led him to formulate plans to open his first shop.

“My first attempt was in my own kitchen which initially ended in failure,” Ribando said. “The flavoring was easy, but it was tough trying to master a base that would roll and have a nice consistency.”

Prior to launching Roulé Rolled Ice Cream, Ribando opened a sno-ball stand on the West Bank, Scuba Steve’s Snoballs. The success of that venture prompted him to “open something bigger and better.”

Now, the local entrepreneur is looking toward innovation to keep rolled ice cream fun and fresh in his business and through community involvement.

Ribando says the shop is always experimenting with new flavors that usually make their first appearance as the “Special of the Week.”

“We’ve recently had a dreamsicle roll that we made with Fanta and that was pretty neat to discover,” Ribando said.

Saturday’s are for the banana splits🍒 We’re rollin from 12pm-10pm.

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The company also launched a mobile rolled ice cream cart for events and parties. Also, just in time for the school year, the shop will host spirit nights to help local schools with fundraising efforts.

“A lot of people have come in for the experience but continue to come back for the flavor,” Ribando said. “Customer service is a big thing for us and we love to see our customers happy with our product.”

Roulé Rolled Ice Cream has locations in Marrero, 5029 Lapalco Boulevard, and in Elmwood, 5618 Jefferson Highway. Hours of operation are Sunday to Wednesday from noon to 9 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday from noon to 10 p.m.

For more information about Roulé Rolled Ice Cream, visit the website.

Created in partnership with Roulé Rolled Ice Cream