Disney World has boozy beignets, and we have questions

Many fans of Walt Disney World say it’s the place where dreams come true. Disney’s Port Orleans resort in Orlando, Florida sells a spiked version of their beignets. That’s right, you can get boozy beignets.

Disney Food Blog first reported you could get your hands on these creations back in 2018. Originally, there were three flavors to choose from: Bailey’s, Kahlua, or Rumchata. Now, there’s a secret menu item you have to specifically ask for.

Disney Food Blog reports you can now get Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Beignets.  Even though they aren’t listed on the menu, you can specifically ask for this flavor.

Disney Food Blog goes on to say, the flavor reminds them of “adult chocolate milk.”  Each beignet comes with an alcohol injectable you squeeze into the flaky pastry.

While the concept sounds tempting, we have questions.

First, why would you mess with a classic? The sweet and steamy fried pastries with powdered sugar are already the perfect treat.

Second, why are they called Baton Rouge Beignets? The official state doughnut of Louisiana was first brought to New Orleans by French-Creole settlers during the 18th century. Plus, thanks to Cafe du Monde, the iconic French pastry has been woven into the fabric of New Orleans.

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However, with a move toward more creative beignet creations, especially at New Orleans festivals like Beignet Fest, we guess we’ll give them a pass.

A set of three boozy pastries will set you back $8.

Have you tried these boozy beignets yet?