Dong Phuong resumes king cake vendor deliveries, debuts coconut king cake

Fans of the wildly-popular Dong Phuong king cakes can once again get their hands on the in-demand staple without travelling to New Orleans East. The bakery announced it will resume partnerships with vendors to distribute king cakes around town.

“We’ve streamlined our process so that king cakes will be available at other vendors,” manager Arthur Laughlin said.

Dong Phuong will distribute limited quantities of king cakes to five New Orleans-area vendors, starting on Jan. 6. The vendors include Zuppardo’s Supermarket in Metairie, Poeyfarre Market in the Central Business District, Mr. Bubbles Sandwich House on the Westbank, Pho Cong Noodle & Grill in Covington and Jeanfreau’s in Chalmette.

Laughlin said Zuppardo’s will receive the largest shipment of king cakes out of the vendors.

In 2018, Dong Phuong suspended deliveries to other retailers due to overwhelming demand and reports of king cake scalping. The Dong Phuong frenzy surged especially after the James Beard Foundation honored the bakery with it’s America’s Classics Award.

“The one thing it did was it brought all of our business to our front door,” Laughlin said.

Laughlin cites that as a factor for the decision to exclusively sell king cakes at the bakery last year.

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The New Orleans East bakery has since made improvements to king cake operations at its home base.

Laughlin said they will have better estimates of daily king cake production to advise customers before waiting in long lines.

Customers who want to avoid braving long lines can order up to five king cakes in advance online before picking them up. A order confirmation slip will allow these customers to walk up and pickup king cakes without have to wait in line first.

Die-hards willing to wait in line can only purchase three king cakes at a time.

“We’re really excited, and we’re also very appreciative that we have such a loyal following,” Laughlin said.

Dong Phuong fans can also get excited for a new king cake flavor this year.

The James Beard award-winning bakery announces a new coconut king cake flavor joining the lineup in 2019. The new king cake features a “simple substitution of coconut” baked right into the brioche dough, replacing the traditional cinnamon swirl.

“Last year pecan was the new kid on the block, and this year it is our coconut king cake,” Laughlin said.

Laughlin describes the taste as “very refreshing.” The new coconut king cakes costs $16 via the bakery’s website.

For more information about Dong Phuong Bakery, visit the website.