Dr. Pepper introduces a limited-edition Dark Berry flavor

Fans of Dr. Pepper can get excited about a new flavor hitting store shelves. Apparently, they’ve got a new Dark Berry flavor hitting the market to help promote the upcoming Marvel movie “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

The new flavor is a reference to Spider-Man villain Mysterio. At least, that’s what we infer from the images. The globe-headed antagonist is emblazoned upon all the outer packaging, but he appears to be missing from the can itself.

You could say… it’s a Mysterio.

Nevertheless, the partnership appears to have been in the works for some time. Back on April 1 (Yes, we know that’s April Fool’s Day) they posted a simple Tweet that reads, “This date seems…important.”

Here’s the Tweet in question:

A company spokesperson confirmed to Newsweek that the date is referencing the new Dark Berry flavor. You should be able to find it at most big-box retailers on or shortly after May 1.

Being that we haven’t seen the company talk much about it, we’re inclined to believe they’re trying to get it on store shelves before the hype train gets going too fast. It wasn’t until Instagram users started posting about it early Wednesday that folks really started paying attention. As the release of Far From Home gets closer, we’re sure that the marketing for it will pick up.

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The Dark Berry flavor has been spotted in a few states in different cans and bottles. Visitors who attended the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention got an early taste of the flavor, according to Newsweek.

Header pictures courtesy of Instagram users @theimpulsivebuy and @elvinc101rogue.