Drag Queen Story Hour presents a fresh take on reading

The program is available to interested parents in the New Orleans area.

Are your kids tired of the same old boring stories?  Drag Queen Story Hour, a program that has made its way to New Orleans, promises to be anything but boring.

The idea and guidance came from the program of the same name, which got its start in San Francisco before spreading to several cities throughout the country. Each community approaches the event in a different way.

In New Orleans, the story time is the main focus, with traditional children’s books being presented in a fun, engaging way.

The presenter changes from event to event, but is always fun, glittery and a part of the community already. And perhaps more in New Orleans than in most any other city, the concept has been embraced (over 150 people showed up for a recent story time).

In a town that enjoys dressing up more than any other, where costumes are a part of the experience from Mardi Gras to New Year’s and all points in between, having a storyteller wear a costume isn’t exactly a stretch from the daily routine.

The only real message that is stressed is “different is okay.” For the kids, it’s less about “drag” and more about “character.”  They see characters in real life and it sparks their imaginations.

The event is about reading stories in a safe environment, having fun, and seeing the entertainers as normal people — but fancier.

A branch of the New Orleans Public Library, Hubbell Library hosts Drag Queen Story Hour and many other events throughout the calendar year.

For more info on this event or a schedule of upcoming events, check out their Facebook page.

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