5 Sweet Facts About Beignets

Learn a little more about this sweet New Orleans tradition.

Sweeten your knowledge about New Orleans’ iconic dessert — the beignet. We rounded up a few fun facts about the treat:

  1. Beignets were designated the official state doughnut of Louisiana in 1986.
  2. The best description of the treat is a French-style doughnut, traditionally fried and then topped with powdered sugar. It was popularized by French-Creole colonists.
  3. The word “beignet” originates from the French term for “fritter.”
  4. The dessert is traditionally served with Café au lait — coffee and chicory with steamed milk.
  5. Beignets are classified as a choux pastry dish. The choux pastry attribute gives beignets their airy, puffy quality.

Watch the video to learn more about this tasty treat from Cafe Beignet.

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