FOX 8 Masked Anchor: Can you guess our final mystery anchor?

FOX 8 released clues about the final mystery anchor in our contest, “The Masked Anchor.”

Keep your eyes peeled! This is the last set of clues for our contest based on the popular singing competition “The Masked Singer.”

Anyone who guesses all four masked anchors correctly will be eligible for a chance to win the grand prize: A trip for two to Los Angeles to watch a taping of the masked singer in late-January or February.

I bet that caught your attention!

Here’s some help if you need to catch up on clues from our previous masked anchors: Read about our first masked anchor, Thingamajig; our second contestant, Flamingo and our third mystery anchor, Skeleton.

We revealed our final masked anchor on Thursday morning during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 7 a.m. Sorry, we had to air it a little early than usual due to the impeachment inquiry hearings.

But we got you! Here’s a look at the video if you missed it. Make sure you listen for the clues! After learning about our final contestant, head to our contest page to make your guesses.

Okay, let’s break down this clue package.

Our final masked anchor is the Butterfly. This week, we find our Butterfly frolicking around the Botanical Garden.

So, the first clue, “I’m finally home in South Louisiana,” let’s us know our mystery anchor is definitely homegrown.

Check! We can cross that off the list, but let’s get a little scientific with this. (Okay, apparently, I’m a rapper now.)

This week’s clue package references two milestone events in New Orleans history: The clue mentions “…a Super Bowl victory, a massive oil spill.” One event is the gift of a lifetime for Saints fans everywhere, while the other is a total tragedy.

Timeline-wise, both of these events puts us in 2010. This is the year the Saints clenched a Super Bowl win and the BP oil spill, a.k.a. the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, became one of the largest environmental disasters in American history.

Now we know, for sure, our contestant worked at FOX 8 in 2010, so that eliminates all the newbies.

And before I move on, let me just say this: I don’t want to see any no-calls happen again this season. Yes, refs, this is for you. 👀

I’m claiming it right now. The Saints are going to the Super Bowl this year! Let’s get Drew another ring before he retires! Who Dat!

Okay, back to work. Another thing in the clue package that jumps out at me is “on the frontline during hurricane coverage.” I’m sensing another strong weather reference here.

Hmm…is our masked anchor a meteorologist? My hypothesis is that the masked anchor is most likely Nicondra Norwood. So far, she checks all three boxes.

However, as I said before, our whole news team gets thrown into the action during hurricane coverage. So, the hurricane reference doesn’t, necessarily, make it official.

So another thing just came to mind. I remember Shelley Brown telling me she worked at H-TV in Houma, and I believe she also worked in Lake Charles. I’m not quite sure about which other stations Shelley worked at before coming to FOX 8. However, this lines up with the clue, “Although I’ve worked throughout the South…” Shelley also checks all the other boxes. Could she be a viable option?

Well, guys, it’s been fun trying to solve this mystery with you each week. Unfortunately, this is where I leave you, since I’m not allowed to enter the contest for a cool trip 😔 #firstworldproblems. But you can!

Go fly, my little butterflies! Good luck!

Who are you, masked anchor?

Here are my top picks for this week:

Here’s where you can make your picks!

I’m making a strong case for Nicondra this week, but don’t take my word for it. Make your own pick!

Now that the last vignette has aired, head to the contest page to submit your contest entry. You can also view all the vignettes again before making your best guess at who is under each mask.

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