FOX 8 Masked Anchor: Can you guess the third, mystery masked anchor?

FOX 8 released clues about the third mystery contestant in our contest, “The Masked Anchor.”

Here’s a quick refresher: We’re challenging our viewers to guess which member of our FOX 8 News team is behind the mask. So far, we’ve been having a little fun with this contest based on the popular singing competition show “The Masked Singer.”

Make sure you watch closely because you can win a trip to a show taping of “The Masked Singer” next year.

If you’re a little behind, I guess we’ll give you a pass. You can read more about how the contest works in my earlier post. You can also catch up on clues about our first masked anchor, Thingamajig, and our second contestant, Flamingo.

We released the third of four masked anchors on Thursday morning during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the third video. Make sure you listen for the clues!

Okay, let’s dig into this clue package.

This week’s masked anchor is the Skeleton, and y’all are seriously bad to the bone for these clues! I hope the Skeleton was also conjuring up a potion for a Saints win this week while dancing inside the Tea Witch Cafe. This past Sunday against the Falcons was dismal! I’m still a little salty.

Judging by the height, build and shoe size, I figure our mystery maestro this week is most likely a male. So that helps a bit, right?

Wait, did y’all see the Skeleton’s shoes? Carl Mack Presents, that was such a creative touch! Y’all better put some of these costume ideas in your back pocket for Halloween next year.

One thing in the clue package that immediately jumps out is, “When I first arrived, I backed up a local legend…” We’ll call this “Exhibit A” because we might have to take a quick trip down memory lane for this one. I’m about five minutes away from building an investigation board in my office, complete with string and photos.

In the case of finding our mystery masked anchor, chief meteorologist David Bernard definitely jumps out as a possible suspect.

When David first arrived at FOX 8, the legendary Bob Breck was still at the helm (who also holds the honor of being the only news personality referenced in a New Orleans bounce song). If you go back even further, you might remember David’s earlier days in New Orleans when he briefly worked with another local legend, Nash Roberts. Nash was also a pretty big deal at…another station.

This brings me to my next suspect: Our sports director Juan Kincaid.

When Juan first arrived at FOX 8, the legendary sportscaster and former “Voice of the Saints” Jim Henderson was also here as Saints analyst. If you back it up a bit, when Juan first arrived in New Orleans, Jim Henderson was his sports director at…another station.

Whew! How’s that for a little history lesson? Hmm…is anyone else seeing a trend here?

Okay, here is “Exhibit B” from the clue package: The phrase that says, “…and I’m in the spotlight.”

So, I’m guessing this person is the head honcho over here. Both of these guys would fit that description. David is the leader of our weather team, while Juan leads our sports team. Okay, that part makes sense.

There’s also a reference to singing in the clue package that I’m trying to figure out: “I may not sing on pitch, but I can hold my own while I’m on it.” The masked anchor is even shown “playing” a piano, a la Dr. John.

Hey, Alexa, queue “Right Place, Wrong Time.”

Is this an allusion to a hidden talent here? Maybe this person sings some killer karaoke in their spare time. If you want to get a little more technical, it might allude to making accurate weather predictions or even game predictions (*shrugs*). Y’all, I don’t really know.

Okay guys, let’s look into two more things because I’m trying to wrap up this case.

According to the clue package, this person is not from New Orleans. I know, for sure, Juan Kincaid isn’t from New Orleans. I don’t think David Bernard is a New Orleans native either. Sometimes it feels like it because I grew up watching him during the earlier part of his career.

The mystery anchor also says, “I got here as fast as I could, and I’m not leaving.”

This leads me to believe this person might be at the latter part of their career and plans to retire here. Maybe the person just fell in love with the magic (more like craziness) of New Orleans, and just can’t imagine leaving.

Listen, if you’ve traveled to other places around the country, you start to really appreciate the cheap drinks in New Orleans. Hey, I’m just saying.

I feel like I’m hot on the trail this week. Who are you, masked anchor?

Here are my top picks for this week:

Hey, it’s just my opinion. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Here’s where you can make your picks!

Make sure you guys stay tuned for the rest of the contest. Here’s a recap of when to watch:

Thursday 11/21 during Fox 8 Morning Edition at 9 a.m.: Masked Anchor #4 vignette airs

After the last vignette airs on Nov. 21, head to to view all the vignettes again and make your best guess at who is under each mask.

The Masked Anchor contest is sponsored by Juan Lafonta & Associates and A-1 Appliance Bedding & Furniture.