Bummed about Valentine’s Day? Celebrate GALentine’s Day instead!

No other holiday divides like Valentine’s Day. Some can’t wait for the cute and cuddly (or expensive and sparkly) gifts and candy, while others dread the national reminder that they’re single.

If you belong to the latter group, there’s a way to turn it around: Make it Galentine’s Day. Gather up your single friends and celebrate like no mere couple could. Created by Leslie Knope, small town government heroine from Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day falls on Feb. 13. Here’s how to go all out and make it special.

Step 1: Invites

They can be pretty and sincere or cartoonish and snarky – decide what fits you and your squad. There are plenty of free downloadables here.

Step 2: Decorate

Paper heart garlands not your thing? How about picking one thing about each guest that they love (a pet? the gym? gardening?) and making individual place settings around that theme. Still too sweet? Go through Facebook or IG and pull photos of exes, glue them to a bullseye and see who has the best aim.

Step 3: Treats!

Now is NOT the time to think about Keto. Indulge your guests with a variety of sweet and savory bites, or – better yet – have everyone bring an exotic or special dish of their choosing.

Step 4: Celebrate

Have a traditional sleepover with movies and TV. Create a craft corner and DIY your hearts out making Galentine’s  Day crafts. Take a million photos with fun props so you’ll have plenty of social-media-worthy shots to remember the night.

Step 5: Send you friends home with a favor to remember the occasion, whether it’s assorted candies in heart-shaped tins or individual bouquets in tiny airplane liquor bottles, there are plenty of DIY ideas here.

Remember: The holiday is what you make it. And even if you’re all booed-up next February, Galentine’s Day may become a tradition you’ll want to keep.