Gambino’s Bakery celebrates 70 years of Carnival tradition in Louisiana

From doberge cakes to king cakes, the technique at this popular Metairie bakery stands the test of time.

Gambino’s Bakery celebrates a milestone anniversary in local Carnival tradition — 70 years of baking in Louisiana.

President Sam Scelfo credits an experienced team and a proven recipe for their longevity as a top bakery in the New Orleans area, even in a crowded king cake market.

Gambino’s Bakery celebrates 70 years. Photo courtesy: Gambino’s Bakery via Facebook

Scelfo says the Jefferson Parish bakery cranks out upwards of 1,000 king cakes a day, as the Carnival season inches closer to Mardi Gras.

Gambino’s signature king cake recipe uses a cross between a rich danish dough and a sweet dough. The result is a more airy texture than a pure danish dough.

The baking team infuses king cakes with cinnamon swirls throughout and hand-stuffs them with fillings before baking.

“Your mixing technique is critical along with the ingredients,” Scelfo said.

A local tradition since 1949, Gambino’s bakery is also well-known for perfecting the doberge cake, with each layer baked from scratch.

“We are known for our doberge cake, and that’s how we really started,” Scelfo said.

This year, Gambino’s debuted an Epiphany King Cake in partnership with King Cake Hub. The king cake is described as “a classic dough honoring 70 years of Carnival tradition topped with your new favorite cream cheese icing.”

Gambino’s honors 70 years of Carnival tradition with a new Epiphany King Cake in partnership with King Cake Hub.

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Scelfo collaborated with his son Vincent Scelfo for the new creation. The father and son team came up with a special blend of cream cheese icing and tweaked the bakery’s signature dough for the special king cake. Mardi Gras-colored sprinkles replaces the traditional granulated sugar.

“The taste with the cream cheese in it is totally different from regular king cake icing,” Scelfo said.

Gambino’s Bakery allowed us behind the scenes to watch how bakers use a decades-tested technique to create their popular king cakes.

For more information about Gambino’s Bakery, visit the website.