Would You Get a Breast Milk Facial?

Could a breast milk facial become the new trend in skin care?

One facial spa turns to an unexpected source to help its customers’ skin get baby smooth. Our friends at Queen City Weekend introduce us to the new skin care trend that uses breast milk.

Mud Facial Bar revolves around the idea that its clients are in a rush, wanting a quality facial without wasting hours of their time. With locations already in Chicago and Boulder, Colorado, the service has recently opened a location in Charlotte, N.C. While the idea may not be necessarily unique, some of the ingredients used in their facials certainly are – including an add-on of breast milk.

The three locations source breast milk from one woman local to the Chicago location. After giving birth to her third child, the woman overproduces and sells to the facial bar chain.

Despite the initial reaction, estheticians on staff say it actually has many positive qualities – making it perfect for facials.

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