What’s New at the 2017 Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo

Here's what you need to know about this year's event.

Fishing enthusiasts gear up for the oldest fishing tournament in the United States. The Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo returns to the coastal town on Thursday, July 27 through Saturday, July 29.

The event features a fun-filled weekend, with lots of great food, local entertainment and awesome arts and crafts.

Organizers for this year’s Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo are pulling out all the stops. This year’s president Barry Kern and rodeo manager Deano Bonano talk about all the excitement to expect at this year’s event.

To register for the 2017 Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, click here. For more information about the rodeo, visit the website.

Created in partnership with the Grand Isle International Tarpon Rodeo


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