4 Ways to Get in Touch with your Creative Side

Terrance Osborne has some suggestions.

New Orleans doesn't lack for creativity or originality. From the renowned food and music scenes, to the spectacular architecture, to the people and their propensity for incorporating art into their daily lives, art might be more of a priority for the residents of this city than any other. Here are some ideas for you to scratch that creative itch and add some color to your day.

Do Art at Home ... with Family!

Local artist Terrance Osborne has a tremendous aesthetic and is highly accomplished, but for him, art isn’t something he leaves in the studio. It’s huge in his family life as well.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to make art a bonding experience at home. Here are some tips for doing just that.

Find Outside Inspiration.

Museums in New Orleans offer their own specific brands of inspiration. Mardi Gras World doesn’t necessarily fall into a typical definition for a museum … which makes it a great spot to find some colorful ideas.

And this list of indoor kid-friendly activities can be helpful for two reasons.  One, exercise can get the creative juices flowing. And two, these are just some really cool, inspiring environments.

Change your Look!

These fall fashion tips are certainly a good starting point. But don’t forget about shoes (always think about comfort!), Saints gameday looks or using your nails as a potential fashion statement themselves.

And let’s be honest, dressing up for fun is a year-round thing in New Orleans, not just reserved for Halloween or Mardi Gras. Here are tips on makeup AND costumes.

Get Salty in the Kitchen.

Fresh spins on classic dishes can be a delicious way to tap into your creativity.

From repurposing candy to mixing cocktails a little differently, from making an elite turkey burger (no small task) to doing something off the beaten path with your next chili, NOLA Weekend has a wealth of fun cooking and baking ideas.