Go Inside the Mind of a Competitive Eater

Adrian Morgan, champ of this year’s raw oyster eating competition, reveals what makes him tick when diving into a competitive eating contest. The New Orleans native slurped down 44 dozen raw oysters in only eight minutes during the Acme Oyster House World Eating Championship held at the New Orleans Oyster Festival.

Nola.com caught up with Morgan after he beat out Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas who usually dominates the competition each year. He talked about his win, and he opened up about his preparation tactics.

“We just stretch our stomachs out, as we’re stretching any other muscle,” Morgan¬†explains in the video.

The process Morgan outlines seems grueling and intense. The champ mentions food training practices to condition his body and prepare his mind. Whether you’re interested in competitive eating or just curious to see what’s behind the madness, these tips make this video an interesting watch.