Hair Glam: Party & Special Occasion Ideas

Get hair ideas for your next party from Belles & Beaux Spa.

Sometimes choosing the right hair style can upgrade your entire look. The hair artists at Belles & Beaux Spa have some great ideas if you’re trying to figure out what look to choose for your next holiday party or special occasion event. Check out these glam hair styles. Hair artist Dennis Cantu shows you a simple look you can try at home. You can also visit the salon where the stylists can customize any of these looks to your preference.

Featured work from these hair artists appear in the video:

Christina Schneider
Dennis Cantu
Lacey Spiers (Instagram: @lacyart_)
Kelli Gallagher (Instagram:@kellithestylist)

Other Belles & Beaux hair artists:

Michelle Reese
Lisa Schneider
Kristy Bergens
Elizabeth Bui
Marina Maldonado

Created in partnership with Belles & Beaux Spa

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