Happy Birthday, Tabasco! Here are 5 things to douse this Louisiana sauce on

One of the world’s most famous condiments is celebrating its 150th birthday: Tabasco!

Edmund McIlhennycreated the famous pepper sauce in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana.

The company is still headquartered there, and is still run by McIlhenny’s descendants.

Visitors may tour the Tabasco museum and factory and try free samples of Tabasco-infused goodies. There’s also a unique nature preserve called Jungle Gardens that helped save snowy egrets from being wiped out in the U.S.

Museum exhibits include vintage Tabasco bottles along with the wooden barrels still used to age the sauce. A greenhouse displays some pepper plants, though the peppers are now mostly grown outside the U.S.

The sauce is bottled at the Avery Island factory, though, producing up to 700,000 bottles a day.

Grab a bottle of this famous sauce and pour it on these 5 New Orleans favorites:


This sandwich belongs to New Orleans, so it is only fitting that it is paired with Tabasco!

Check out some popular local po-boy shops serving up sandwiches that are worth every single calorie.


You’ll see a bottle of Tabasco on every restaurant’s table! Pour it over raw, fried or char-grilled oysters to ramp up the flavor.

Here are some of the best oyster spots you can toss some hot sauce on these delicious bivalves around town.

Fried Fish

Grab a side of fries and then dump the hot sauce on them, too!

Here are some local restaurants you can count on to serve a good place of fried fish.


This New Orleans classic is already flavorful. Add Tabasco and the dish is perfection.

We went into some local kitchens to score tips on what makes the best gumbo.

Red Beans and Rice

Everyone in New Orleans has a Red Beans and Rice recipe. How much you want to bet those recipes include some Tabasco?

To learn more about Tabasco, take a trip into the past. Here’s a look at the condiment’s spicy history.

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